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About Dexwet

Dexwet Filters is an air filter manufacturing and technology company whose patented “Dexwet Pure Air Filter” is used on European standard heat radiators (hydronic convection radiators) and is now being made available for US standard exchange vents for both home and commercial HVAC systems and can be adapted for use on heat pumps as a pre-filter. It provides clean, safe indoor air by filtering dust particles, ranging from raw particles down to nano fine. A European Air Filtration expert has tested the DEXWET filter technology to be highly effective against airborne pathogens, including SARS CoV-2. The Company will pursue all necessary US approvals to introduce the product and seek additional certifications where possible, based on US Market experience. It should be noted that Dexwet Pure Air provides better Filtration of the finest particles, including aerosols. In that way, it outperforms legacy filters or can be used as an enhancement, but that still only achieves a relative risk reduction. See the expert opinion report for a more detailed discussion of the efficacy of Dexwet’s patented wet air-filter technology.

For End Customers: Especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and people with respiratory diseases, Dexwet offers a smart range of products that provide and secure clean breathing air at home or work.

Dexwet offers comprehensive systems for clean, healthy air for offices and a range of other work environments.  Optionally, we can provide “clean air as a service” with an innovative, holistic approach. For the electronics and automotive industry, we offer a unique framework of effective, benchmark-setting solutions.

With Innovation partners, we bring our technology into new fields of applications. With partners, Dexwet is developing new industry-specific applications and is setting new filter standards that can make whole production chains more environmentally friendly while at the same time reducing costs significantly.

Dexwet stands for sustainability and disruptive industry potential. We outcompete others in economic, environmental, and social aspects altogether, and in doing so, we are well on our way to alter the face of the air filtration industry.


Hansjörg Wagner

Chairman of the Board
Over 29 years of experience in Senior Executive and Senior Consulting positions in the High-Tech Industry: Networking, Security, Payment Systems, and Internet/Cloud specifically. Has been working in West European, Central European (former East European), all major Asian and Latin American markets, conducting business and/or business development in more than 35 different countries. Lived and worked in 3 Continents and a Permanent Resident of Singapore since 1995.

Wolfgang Schiketanz, PhD

Member of the Board

Capital Advisor and Financial market expert and asset manager. Wolfgang Schiketanz has many years of experience in portfolio and fund management and in advising private and institutional investors. From 1982 until 1990 he was responsible for the development and evaluation of leverage buyouts and M&A transactions at the Giro Credit Bank in Vienna and New York, from 1990 on he was Head of new issues at Erste Bank and since 1991 head of equity trading at Investkredit.

Since 1993 Schiketanz is managing partner of Schiketanz Capital Advisors GmbH. He is an expert in risk management, trading and asset management and lecturer in quantitative asset management at the University of Applied Sciences of BFI. He entered the Board of Dexwet in the Year 2015 and contributed significantly to the capital market strategy of the Company.

Dr. Kosala Heengama

Member of the Board

Dr. Kosala Heengama is a board member and chief information officer (CIO) at Dexwet Holdings Corporation and oversees the company’s digital transformation and IT needs creating business value through technology, strategic planning of business growth objectives, amelioration of technology futures, and information risk management (IRM) and security. As an investor and member of Dexwet’s Board, Kosala has played a key strategic role in helping the company expand geographically into new markets and preparing for its launch into North America.

Kosala joined Dexwet in 2017 as a Board Director, bringing a strong background in large global IT service organizations. Kosala has served as a board member and executive director of several public listed companies, accumulated numerous successful exits, and acted as an advisor to government organizations. Prior to joining Dexwet, Kosala worked on improved efficiencies and processes in many industries, ventured into financial services and strategic investments.

Kosala holds a doctoral degree from Walden (USA), with specializations in homeland and digital security and a master’s in Information technology and cybernetics from the University of Keele (UK). He is a member of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (MIEEE) and IEEE Computer Society for more than a decade. His ardent about to scholarly research on innovation economics, diversification, quantum computing, AI, the Internet of Things, and digital disruption, and machine learning.



Robert Socha

Member of the Board

Stockbroker. Robert Socha qualified as measurement and control technician and for many years held managerial positions as measurement and master electrician at major companies such as EUMIG (1975-1983), Siebdruck Hauser and Österreichische HIAG Werke AG (1983-1996). In the early 1990s, he became stock exchange and securities trader, initially working as consultant and trader, then going on to become managing director of specialized investment firms such as Brown & Lampe (2001-2003) and Winvestors (2003-2013). He was later independent consultant for Winvestors. Robert Socha was a long-standing member of Contain-Dry AG and Pristec AG’ ‘s supervisory boards and has been consultant and member of the supervisory board at Dexwet International AG since 2011.

Clemens Sparowitz

Member of the Board & COO

Clemens Sparowitz is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Dexwet Holdings Corporation and is responsible for the business unit and territory management, R&D, patenting, and production. He has more than two decades of experience as a successful entrepreneur, executive, developer, and published author. He oversees the operational tasks related to managing Dexwet’s manufacturing and assembly partners. Since joining the company, Clemens has led multiple groundbreaking projects, including the successful application of Dexwet’s innovative technology to NASCAR-Europe and the development of the two most recent generations of air filter technology expanding usage opportunities beyond machine health to human health including via HVAC systems.

Clemens joined Dexwet in 2006 as an investor, and in 2011 he helped launch Dexwet International AG together with his partners. Prior to joining Dexwet, Clemens was co-founder and chief marketing and communications officer for a technology-development company focused on sustainable solutions. He also held multiple management-level positions with firms in the information technology, management, and consulting industries.

Clemens has studied Law and Business Administration at University Graz and Vienna University of Economics and Business and earned an executive MBA in Integrated Strategy Management from FHWien of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.



Gregory Scott Newsome

Member of the Board & CFO

Gregory Scott Newsome is a board director and chief financial officer (CFO) at Dexwet Holdings Corporation and oversees the company’s finance, investor relations, legal, and procurement of territory, branding, and service partners. Gregory also spearheads Dexwet’s capital-raising functions. Prior to expanding his role as a board director in December 2020, Gregory has served as Dexwet’s CFO since June of 2020.

Gregory joined Dexwet in 2017 as a strategic and financial advisor, bringing more than 25 years of finance and entrepreneur experience to the role. He was instrumental in helping restructure Dexwet from an Austrian-based company into a US holding company structure. Prior to joining Dexwet, Gregory has worked with numerous private and publicly traded companies in both operations and board director capacities, in North America, Europe, and southeast Asian regions.

Gregory has a degree in finance from James Madison University.



Dr. Nader Kasim

Member of the Board

Dr. Nader Kasim joined Dexwet Holdings Corporation’s Board of Directors in 2021. He plays an advisory role on the board as the company prepares a major launch into North America with air filters centered on improving human health after many years of success focused on commercial machine health. He is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon who has over 24 years of experience in the health care profession. He received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Yale University and his medical degree from The University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kasim has been the medical director at the Ambulatory Surgical Center of New Jersey for over 15 years and president of the Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center. He has been a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and an active member of the Arthroscopy Association of North America for over 20 years.

Outside of the practice of medicine, Dr. Kasim has been involved in various startup companies since 2013 and has branched into the international wine and wellness industry. He is a significant investor and member of the advisory board of several prominent companies.

Dexwet Filters Timeline 2000 to 2017 “Where It All Started”


1st US Patent Applied


1st Original US Patent Granted Parallel & Staggered Design with Moisture Coating


2nd Generation Patent Expanded Production Materials & Designs Usages


3rd Generation Patents Include Use with Artificial Airstream (Jointly with Novomatics, 3rd largest global manufacturer of slot machines)


4th Generation Patents Include Plastic Mold Injections & Expand to Any Geometric Shape. Also, Include Natural or Weak Airstreams Specifically Mentioning Convection Air


5th Generation of Patents Includes the Directional Airstreams both Sucking & Blowing, Production Materials Expanded to Specify Metal with Specific Application in Die Casting Vacuum Systems, Temperature Spectrum up to 1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit, and Airflows up to 780 MPH. Also, Include Moisturizing Filters via Oil Particles in the Airstream


Death of Founder Erich Petein


Dexwet Holdings Corporation in the USA structured as the parent company

Dexwet Filters Timeline 2019 – Where We Are Now “The New Beginning”


Global Pandemic COVID-19 SARS Created a Massive Market Awareness for Clean Air



  • New Ex Mgt Team Formed


  • Refocused on Human Health Air Filtration
  • Launched New Corporate Website www.dexwetholdings.com


  • Launched PR Awareness/Earned Media



  • 1st Grade Classroom Field Study in Austria


  • Design New Plastic Flat Design Filter for Diebold Nixdorf to Replace Original Centered Stick Design Used in Slot Machines


  • Launches Dexwet Partner Program


  • 1st US Sales Partner Signed in New York
  • 1st US School Installation in Memphis, TN


  • 1st Territory Partner Signed in South Africa
  • Acquired full patent rights for 3rd Generation Patents from Novamatics


  • 1st Territory Partner Signed in the USA: CT & NY