Human Health

Dexwet Pure Air Filter

Transform your convection heat radiator into a smart and passive air-purification system. Dexwet pure air is easily installed on the bottom of the heat radiators with magnets. Moreover, immediately, up to 20 times per day, the whole air in the room is led through the filter system. It works silently due to permanently filtering the convection air stream that the radiators produce and does not need any additional energy input.

Machine Health

Protected Electronics

Sophisticated equipment like ATMs, slot machines, and other computing devices use complex electronics that require reliable cooling. Often, such devices are installed in public areas with high passenger frequency and dust of all forms. While visible raw dust kills fans and moving parts in the machines, fine dust endangers chips and conductor plates. Dexwet offers a full suite of smart and preventive cleaning and maintenance solutions of the consumer’s electronic infrastructure.

Super-APF Vacuum Filters

In modern aluminum die casting, and the production of lightweight structural components for the automotive industry, vacuum systems are used to meet the ever-increasing demands on work-in-progress cleanliness and quality. In order to protect the vacuum system, metal-wool-pads were commonly used throughout the industry, contributing to the destabilization of the entire production process.

Dexwet Super-APF was developed to stabilize and secure the vacuum system’s functionality and allow the die casting unit’s continuous operation for an entire weekly shift, removing the vacuum system maintenance as a point of failure. The worthwhile one-time investment in Dexwet-APF pays off after only a few months due to higher output numbers combined with higher product quality and improved or lower scrap ratio.

Aluminum Particle Filter (APF) Installation demonstration