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Dexwet Filters is an air filter manufacturing and technology company whose patented “Dexwet Pure Air Filter” is used on European standard heat radiators (hydronic convection radiators) and is now being made available for US standard exchange vents for both home and commercial HVAC systems and can be adapted for use on heat pumps as a pre-filter. It provides clean, safe indoor air by filtering dust particles, ranging from raw particles down to nano fine. A European Air Filtration expert has tested the DEXWET filter technology to be highly effective against airborne pathogens, including SARS CoV-2. The Company will pursue all necessary US approvals to introduce the product and seek additional certifications where possible, based on US Market experience. It should be noted that Dexwet Pure Air provides better Filtration of the finest particles, including aerosols. In that way, it outperforms legacy filters or can be used as an enhancement, but that still only achieves a relative risk reduction. See the expert opinion report for a more detailed discussion of the efficacy of Dexwet’s patented wet air-filter technology.


Dexwet Europa (DEG)  is a fully-owned subsidiary of Dexwwet Holdings Corporation and focuses primarily on assistance to European territories in Sales, Marketing, and Technical support.  DEG will also conduct research and development on regional large project requirements with the Dexwet Corporation.

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