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How Technology Works

Comparison with other Filters Technologies

Air Filter-Key Features

Customized Filter Solutions

For industry partners, Dexwet offers professional services for joint R&D and application development according to the customer’s specifications and requirements. After assessment of the given parameters, Dexwet develops custom suiting pre-series prototypes via rapid prototyping. The prototypes are provided to the partner for internal testing and quality control procedures. The partners are provided with the requested volume of the customized products during the contract term with a comprehensive supply guarantee.

Technology Transfer & Licensing

Dexwet technology consists of IP protection from five patent generations in addition to Trademark and Brand Rights. Unique know-how in production areas and applied nano-technology with expertise in particle behaviour in finding dust and particle sizes from PM10 to PM 0.5. Dexwet is open for co-operation in many industrial applications that can lead to technology transfer under licensing.

Joint Application Development & Prototyping

For the enlargement of the spectrum of applications under physical conditions yet unknown to Dexwet, and if such applications promise according potential, Dexwet is open to enter into technology partnerships.

Together with the Partner we develop such new applications based on given experiences and over several prototype stages until optimum results have been achieved. Learn more about our approach and management model and how your business and strategy can profit of that. We look forward to you contacting us.

Step Process for Joint Development of Customized Filter Solutions & Prototyping

Patent Explainer

”Air purification devices with the ‘Dexwet technology’ are effective in a suitable way, on the basis of the documentation provided, especially aerosols in the size range below 5 microns (but also larger particles) in an efficient way. Especially with regard to the prevention of transmission of aerosol borne viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV-2) by air, the technology can make a decisive contribution to infection prevention.”

Dipl. Ing. Peter Tappler
Generally sworn and court-certified expert compliance with the air – Pollution of indoor air microbiology – Mold loads in interior construction chemistry, building materials – Pollutant content and emissions of building materials

Industry Report & Expert Opinion