Dexwet Pure Air Filter

Dexwet Pure Air Filter

Beware of fine dust at home

On average, people spend 80-90% of their total lifetime indoors. Fine dust and hazardous ultra-fine dust from the environment and indoor sources can reach the human blood circuit through our lungs, leading to inflammation, respiratory, and heart diseases and can, in the worst cases, also contribute to cancer formation. Fine dust concentration is invisible and requires modern equipment to be detected. Once realized, the demand for pure air at home became one of the fastest-growing markets in recent years.

The system Dexwet Pure Air Filter

The Dexwet Pure Air home filter system is smart as it is the only one to use passively given airstreams for the Filtration of in-room air. They are easy to install for everybody, and then they demonstrate their effectiveness visibly over the long term. The system is a one-time investment only. Consumers can recycle and reuse the filter modules several times until the user would sometimes break them. When filled with filter cake, consumers can wash them with hot water, put back Dexwet Absorber Fluid with the economical and comfortable Spraying can, and they go back to another cycle-of-duty as good as new.

Radiators Become Silent “Vacuum Cleaners”

With every window open to let in fresh air and oxygen, fine dust finds its way into the home or workplace. It will remain circulating in the rooms of your home. If people do not apply technology for air purification, there is no way to reduce the indoor fine dust concentration. During operation, convection heat radiators significantly contribute to fine dust, and other pathogens permanently circled in the room. Avoid new devices using electricity to mitigate the problem by installing Dexwet Pure Air filter modules on your heat radiators’ bottom.

Better Air Quality Leads to Wellness

Clean, high-quality air and a better room climate with secured oxygen content contribute significantly to higher living quality, be it at home, at work, in kindergartens, or at schools.
Especially indoor convection heating air leads to the effect of raw and fine dust, ash, pollen, animal hair, and other much finer contaminations permanently circled in the room. Preventive housekeeping with Dexwet Pure Air can contribute to a longer and more healthy life for the whole family!