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Dexwet Pure Air Filter

Transform your convection heat radiator into a smart and passive air-purification system. Dexwet pure air is easily installed on the bottom of the heat radiators with magnets. And immediately, up to 20 times per day, the whole air in the room is led through the filter system. It works unhearable silent by permanently filtering the convection air stream that the radiators produce and does not need any additional energy input.

Dexwet High-End Air Purifiers

Our suite of high-end Air Purifiers is the first that is equipped with our special long-life HEPA-filter technology for highest requirements. They effectively clean the room air from raw dust as well as fine and hazardous ultra-fine dust and with additional active carbon layers also mitigate bad odours and undesired gases. Bacteria and Virus can be destroyed with additional UV-Technology upgrade, effectively disinfecting pathogens given in the air.