Joint Application Development & Prototyping

Joint Application Development & Prototyping

For the enlargement of the spectrum of applications under physical conditions yet unknown to Dexwet, and if such applications promise market potential, Dexwet will entertain technology partnerships.

Together with the Partner, we develop such new applications based on given experience and several prototype stages until optimum results are achieved. Learn more about our approach and management model and how your business and strategy can profit from that. We look forward to hearing from you

Problem worth solving

Filters are used in many technical solutions and products in order to avoid and mitigate dirt and pollution. Up to now, all filters worked like a sieve: The smaller the particles you try to filter, the denser the filter fabric has to be, and therefore they will filter particles down to the size of the smallest opening, and then, no more. Dexwet Pure Air Filters work with entirely different physical principles.

When a contamination problem is detected in the operation of a device, it is often too late to implement conventional filter technology.
Based on such “filter problems,” Dexwet creates new filtration applications in various fields of application and thereby offers unique technology solutions.

Be part of a new solution

The Dexwet Pure Air Filter principle depends on a rigid structure inside the filter, coated with the Dexwet Absorber Fluid, which has extremely low surface tension and a wide operating range. The turbulence inside the filter tends to organize the particulates, so the smallest particles are caught first. Moreover, every particle that is absorbed expands the surface area of the Dexwet Absorber fluid.
Dexwet filters are made of plastics that have a temperature working range of 40°C or 40°F up to 120°C, or 248°F. Depending on temperature and airstream velocity through the filter, the Dexwet Absorber Fluid’s viscosity is designed to reach the optimum bonding power for the liquid surface.

In new areas of application, we develop prototypes for yet unknown physical conditions together with our Partners. Under actual conditions in working practice, an optimized filter solution is developed, gaining knowledge for Dexwet and the Partner.

Our approach to widening the technology spectrum

First, the physical conditions are investigated, under which the filter should be set in operation. From this, the basic filter material can be determined.

As the next solution block, the moistening and application of the Absorber Fluid have to be determined. This is necessary to reach the desired bonding power of the Absorber Fluid under the given conditions.

As a result, the Partner gets a new combination and configuration of parallel and staggered filter rods that can be easily cleaned after the useful time of operation. After cleaning, the filters can be reused in the same application several times.

Your strategic benefits

Solving existing filter problems and vulnerabilities of devices and production facilities results in economic gain due to reduced costs compared to the status quo.

The possibility to go beyond the known restrictions given in conventional Filtration can bring massive benefits to our Partners that go far beyond the initial investment.