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Super-APF vacuum filters

In modern aluminum die casting and in the production of light-weight structural components for the automotive industry, vacuum systems are used to meet the ever-increasing demands on workpiece quality. In order to protect the vacuum system, metal-wool-pads were commonly used throughout the industry, contributing to the destabilization of the entire production process.

Dexwet Super-APF was developed to stabilize and secure the functionality of the vacuum system and allows the continuous operation of the die casting unit over a full shift week from the point of view of the vacuum system. The worthwhile one-time investment in Dexwet-APF pays off after only a few months due to higher output numbers combined with higher product quality and improved or lower scrap ratio.

Aluminum Particle Filter (APF) Installation demonstration

Machine Efficiency Air Filters

Automats like ATMs or slot machines are equiped with complex electronics that require constant cooling. Often, such devices are installed in public areas with high passenger frequency and dust of all forms. While visble raw dust kills fans and moving parts in the machines, fine dusts endangers chips and conductor plates. Dexwet offers a full suite of solutions for smart and preventive cleaning and maintenance of your electronic infrastructure.

Laser Printer Air Filter

Our DEXWET® MODULAR is gray (DE2000), contains 2 pieces. Filter, also available in black (DEX2000) content 1pc. filter

The Dexwet® Modular Professional enables machines with elongated (particularly suitable for all common HP machines) or particularly large exhaust air openings to be covered. Due to the flexibility of attaching several filters next to each other, it is even possible to cover L-shaped exhaust air openings (see installation instructions). The Dexwet® Modular is BAM, and OFI approved. The service life of the Dexwet® Modular is also around 70,000 prints or around 12 months (depending on the use of the printer).
Another highlight is the interchangeability of the filter inserts. The filter inserts can be exchanged most simply after use without dismantling the housing. Equipped with these properties, the Dexwet® Modular Professional impresses with its style and its effective, versatile use!

Automotive Engine Air Filter

High performance motorsport filter for V8 suction engines:

The Dexwet High Performance Filter was developed together with the European Nascar series and is characterized by special air management in the technical engine segment. In 2017, all Nascar racing vehicles in Europe drove with the Dexwet Nascar High Performance Filter. Due to the improved torque, the existing lap records on all racetracks have been improved by up to one second this season. Important! Only suitable for use on the racetrack!

Heat Stove Filter

Forced air stoves collect large amounts of house dust in the suction area. If this is not removed, dust explosions can occur, and the fine soot spreads throughout the house on furniture and decor.

dpa Stove filters are serviced on the lower suction opening of stoves by a specialist and regularly every one to two years – depending on usage behaviour.