Protected Electronics

Protect your Electronic Devices

Dust – The Killer of Electronic Devices

Machines and automats internally produce heat due to the implemented electronics and therefore require cooling. As the standard ambient air available for cooling is contaminated with dust from raw down to ultra-fine dust, this leads to pollution and without regular cleaning maintenance finally to the malfunction of the devices after quite a short term of operation.

Dexwet Filters for Electronics

By implementing the patented Dexwet filter technology, we facilitate to get these problems under control and avoid pollution of the cabinets with preventive maintenance filter solutions.

Protect Your Electronic Devices

Dexwet filter technology is based on parallel and staggered filter sticks or plates moistured with an exceptional Absorber Fluid that captures the particles in the passing air stream. While highly air permeable, up to 95% of all contaminations can be preventively mitigate

Long Live Your Electronic Device

Preventive cleaning of devices with Dexwet filters leads to a longer useable life of the device; on the one hand, and the extremely long filter exchange and maintenance cycles result in additional cost savings out of operations. If you consider the proper functioning of your electronic equipment Mission-critical, better have a look at what Dexwet can do for you!