Technology Transfer & Licensing

Technology Transfer Licensing

Licensing Focus

When Partners recognize Dexwet technology as a key competitive advantage, we enter into joint development of a customized filter solution as a first step.

With the first successful joint application, the Partner may wish to implement the know-how and technology in the full scope of its product portfolio. In order to avoid dependencies from a key technology provider, Dexwet Partners can acquire Licenses to utilize the technology in their industry and a series of applications, including the Rights to produce the filters independently.

Licensing broadens the application spectrum

In areas not central to the strategy of the Company, Dexwet is open for Licensing to leading industry partners.

Dexwet is executing a comprehensive technology transfer to the Partner according to the License Agreement for a one-time payment plus a recurring fee. Based on such arrangements, the Partner can adapt the various configurations independently and plan to consider Dexwet technology in the early stages of product development. In such a licensing arrangement, the filter products’ Production Rights can be included to reach the highest possible level of independence in application and production.

Joint technology and application development

Under License contracts, joint R&D teams are staffed with Dexwet as well as Partners specialists. By jointly implementing one up to three show-case projects and applications, the Partners get trained in the technology model and are guided through the projects to reach optimum results.

Depending on the requirements from the Partners’ side, the technology transfer can also occur over longer-term, supporting the given product cycles of the Partner with the best solutions. The recurring license fee is based on relevant key performance indicators that can be easily assessed from outside the Partner’s organization.


The Dexwet filter technology is sustainable and offers competitive advantages in all dimensions of sustainability, with improved economic, environmental, and health performance.

Dexwet filters offer a long-term economic advantage in the sizes needed based on a one-time investment in the permanent Dexwet Pure Air filter.  It eliminates the cost and waste of regular filter replacement.
Dexwet Pure Air filters are more environmentally sound because they are reusable unless they are physically broken.   Lower maintenance costs, reduced wear and tear on equipment, and lower energy consumption accrues to this solution’s economic and environmental benefits.